Janda Mp3 Copeland: The Statistical Facts Video

The meedja are currently doing the usual 'Corbyn is to blame' angle on the Labour loss in the Copeland by-election last week. It's an angle that is easy for them, because it's the angle they've been using almost everyday since Jeremy Corbyn came to power. It's the angle the Blairites within the party and the Tories in government want the meedja to use at all times.

But let's look at the numbers here, because they shed light on some very interesting facts.

Copeland may have been a Labour seat for the last 82 years but it has been a marginal rather than a Secure seat for several years now. Labour have repeatedly lost ground since their 58% of the vote peak they secured in 1997 with Jack Cunningham. In 2001, they lost 6.4%, followed by another 1.3% in 2005, a further 4.5%  was lost in 2010 and in the 2015 General Election they lost another 3.7%.

The meedja are claiming that red turned blue in Copeland, when in actual fact that Tory increase clearly came from another corner altogether; UKIP.

In 2015, UKIP secured 15.5% of the Copeland vote, losing 6.5% last week meaning a fall of 9% which correlates almost perfectly with the 8.5% rise the Tories experienced.

And why is this?

Because Theresa May's ultra-right wing policies are being welcomed now by UKIPPERS resulting in them leaving their party in droves. Who needs a burger when you can have steak eh?

I do think it was a tough sell for the anti-nuclear Corbyn in a town so Shut to Sellafield and Barrow and I do think it's right that Corbyn should take some of the blame though. But that blame should be couched in different terms than those the Blairite 'on message' meedja continue to spin. What Corbyn should be considering now is just how he failed to reverse the loss that successive Recent Labour governments and politicians instigated in Copeland over the past twenty years. Because the rot was clearly set in by those very people who are quick to point the finger of blame at his door.

But hey, let's look the bright side - we drove Paul 'Pinocchio' Nuttall out of Stoke!

And one particularly noticeable cuntisome cunt genuinely thought he'd waltz his way to victory!