Janda Mp3 T2 Trainspotting (2017) Video

Choose life. And then live it. For twenty years.

Because you have to have lived a bit to appreciate what this film is trying to say. You have to have been a teen or twentysomething when Trainspotting came out to appreciate this - which is why there are some sniffy reviews in some corners of the web from numpties who were filling their nappies  back in '96. More than any other sequel I can currently recall, T2 has matured with its audience and reflects where they are likely to be at right now. Whereas Trainspotting will perhaps always appeal to teens/twentysomethings of any generation, I think you have to have a bit of experience under your belt, you have to be 35 and upwards, to appreciate this.

And yes, it's got a sombre reflective edge for times passed, but it's still a great Entertaining ride. It's probably the most Entertaining I've had in the cinema for some time too, with some genuinely laugh out loud moments such as the William of Orange pub scene, and the moment when Renton and an increasingly exasperated Begbie inadvertently reunite in the club toilets. And the scene where Spud watches two youths race down the road to Regent Bridge gave me actual chills.

Spud is still an ugly/beautiful hapless goof, Sickboy is still a scuzzy Good Looking chancer, Renton is still a deeply charismatic bastard and Begbie is still the scariest urban psycho to wear a moustache since Yosser Hughes. It was Fine to Look them again. Trainspotting was a remarkable opportunity, this thankfully is not the betrayal.