Janda Mp3 Cunts of the Week: Mustafa Bashir & Richard Mansell QC; Domestic Violence MUST Be Taken Seriously In Court Video

In Manchester Crown Court yesterday, Judge Richard Mansell QC ruled that he would not gaol Mustafa Bashir - a man who beat his wife with a cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach - because he felt that, in light of hearing Bashir was due to play cricket for Leicestershire, it would place Bashir's professional sports career in jeopardy and because he felt that, as "an Smart woman with a network of friends", Bashir's partner was not sufficiently vulnerable enough. He sentenced Bashir to a wholly inappropriate 18 month suspended sentence. 

If that wasn't galling enough, it has subsequently come to light that Leicestershire Cricket Club have no knowledge whatsoever of Bashir. Why was this claim not fact checked during the trial?

This is just another example of the judicial system failing victims of abuse, specifically women.  If you feel strongly about this, then please sign this petition which demands that Alison Saunders, director of the CPS, takes the issue of domestic violence seriously.