Janda Mp3 Fighting Back: Return Irene Clennell to her husband and family in the UK Video

On Sunday, 53 year Mature grandmother Irene Clennell was forced onto a plane and sent to Singapore with no Transform of clothing, just twelve pound in her pocket and no where to stay. She didn't even Get the chance to say goodbye to her family, and she is now banned from seeing her family in the UK for ten years.


Because Irene Clennell, despite having lived in the UK for thirty years, had less than £18,000 in her bank account and lost the right to remain in the UK because she had spent too long out of the country when caring for her dying parents in 2014.

What makes this even more distressing is the fact that Clennell cares for her sick husband.

You can read more about Clennell's plight here, but please sign the petition to bring her back to her Genuine home here in the UK.