Janda Mp3 The Myth of the Left Wing Comedy Mafia Video

One thing that your average Ukipper or Tory will always bemoan is the notion of 'the sneering liberal elite' and how they dominate the entertainment industry, specifically in comedy. 'Where are the right wing comedians and comic scriptwriters?' they complain in a rhetorical manner, concluding that there are none.

Well, they do exist actually.

But unfortunately they're people like Tim Dawson.

Just look at his twitter feed; he's a proud Tory, pledging his love for Ruth Davidson, and his happiness at Brexit, along with a sneering hatred for anything else.

But who is Tim Dawson? you may ask. Well he was the man responsible for the BBC3 'sitcom' Coming of Age which ran from 2008 to 2011, and four episodes of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps during that series death throes. And um, that's about it. His CV is remarkably bare and even more remarkably unimpressive. The only impressive thing to consider is that he was commissioned to write his one and only Infant when he himself was a baby; aged just 19. Proof that the BBC really are stupid sometimes.

Now, you could argue that the fact that he has so Small writing credits actually prove that the left wing have comedy sown up.

You could.

Or you could just Confess that Tim Dawson is not very Amusing or talented. The reviews for Coming of Age, his magnum opus, certainly indicate that;

"Crudeness abounds...but neither wit nor charm has come along for the ride" said The Torygraph (that must have really Injure Dawson)

"Unremittingly dire...I sat through Coming of Age with the will to live seeping from my every pore, leaving me drenched in a puddle of despair. Apparently Tim Dawson was 19 when he wrote it. Which is about six years older than I would have guessed" Harry Venning, The Stage

"Coming of Age may be the worst BBC sitcom yet. It is supposedly aimed at teenagers but I refuse to believe that even the easiest-to-please teenager is happy to accept something so horribly written, horribly acted, and horribly vulgar in lieu of actual humour" The Scotsman.

Tim Dawson is currently working on the long mooted revival of the Carry On films with Two Pints creator Sue Nickson. So yes, they will be as shit as everyone fears. In the meantime, if you want a really Fine laugh, just go to his twitter for the utterly laughable political opinions he espouses. 

In short, this is proof that the world of comedy and entertainment is a level playing field, but that clearly the left are more creative, talented and yes, funnier than the right.