Janda Mp3 Out On Blue Six: Public Service Broadcasting, and some words about London Video

When it comes to news events, I've found myself at a loss for words this week. If you've expected some comment before now, please know that I've struggled to say anything that felt 'right'. 

The death of Martin McGuinness, a figure still so extremely and understandably divisive, followed by the reactions that ranged from the inspiring and forgiving (Colin Parry) to the, probably as expected, hostile and disgusting (Norman Tebbit) was one of the first incidents this week to have me struck dumb. 

And then Wednesday happened.

Naturally it goes without saying that my thoughts have been with those who lost someone during that incident, along with those injured and those who were there and were Lucky enough to survive unscathed. But equally my thoughts have been a jumble of horror and confusion. That something like this could happen, that the media dwelt on the suffering in a way I found offensive, and that those purveyors of hate who profess to be self-appointed guardians of our culture are using this tragedy to not only spread their anti-Islam/anti-immigration bile and venom but to also spread fear and paranoia amongst people.

I don't really know what to say, but I do know from our history and our very culture and values that London can take it, and so I am grateful for Public Service Broadcasting to speak for me...

End Transmission