Janda Mp3 Lost In France (2016) Video

The music industry is full of holy grail moments. A significant, chance Assembly that launches a band that goes on to Transform the world, a landmark album, a legendary gig or the promise of what might have been.  It doesn’t matter what band, singer or record label you worship, all of them have these moments woven into their story that are subsequently revered and heavily mythologised by us, the music lovers.

Filmmaker Niall McCann’s Film Lost In France is the story of just such a moment; the Glaswegian record label Chemikal Underground’s 1997 trip to Mauron in France for a festival of Scottish indie music that featured the likes of Mogwai, Arab Strap, Bis, and The Delgados. Eighteen years later, McCann chooses this allegedly seminal moment to hang his film, a biopic and nostalgia-fest tribute to Chemikal Underground and all it achieved, upon. 

It's out on DVD, April 24th.

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