Janda Mp3 The Snap Election: "The Genuine Reason They've Called It" Video

Dennis Skinner telling it like it is at today's PMQ's

So let's Get this straight; Theresa's minions may be found guilty of fraud at the last election, which could (and should!) result in criminal charges. Yet she'll stand by them and expect them to stand for this election?! 

This is why this government MUST GO! They expect us to obey the rules and law, yet they clearly believe that they alone are above them. 

Spineless May is also refusing to take Section in a televised election debate - perhaps because she knows she would be unable to stand up under the scrutiny. If she believes this snap election is about laying out her government's plan for the future of this country then she should accept to doing so on TV, live, where she can be questioned and challenged at length. Please sign this petition and this one demanding that she does so.