Janda Mp3 Corbyn and The IRA: The Tories Mud Slinging Avoids The Truth Video

"I condemn all the bombing by both loyalists and the IRA"

That's what Jeremy Corbyn said to Sophy Ridge on Sky News yesterday. He also said;

"You condemn the violence of those who laid bombs that killed large numbers of people as I do"

So how come Sky News headline was Corbyn Refuses to Condemn IRA - even though the article quotes those comments?

How come Andrew 'Brillo Pad' Neill at the Bias Broadcasting Corporation and those jokes at The Daily Fail are all reporting this outright lie?

Because the Tories are running scared.

They know now that Labour is performing well in the polls and reaching out to people with their manifesto and positive message about ending austerity and governing for the many, not the few.

How much more does Jeremy Corbyn need to say to lay this IRA ghost to rest?

Well, let's wonder what Tory councillor Maria Gatland said to lay her own links to the IRA to rest, shall we? Because in the 1970s Gatland went on an arms buying mission to Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris in an attempt to smuggle guns for the IRA to use on military and civilian targets. She has even said; "I agreed with the shooting of British soldiers and believed the more who were killed the better" 

Let's wonder what unelected Tory peer David James said to Get forgiveness from the party over his laundering of IRA money?

The truth is that Jeremy Corbyn openly negotiated with Sinn Fein (not the IRA) for a peaceful settlement, and he did so when Margaret ''we do not negotiate with terrorists'' Thatcher was doing it in secret, just as her predecessor Edward Heath had, and long before Corbyn's leader Tony Blair did in the spotlight.

If Corbyn's actions are unforgiveable and worthy of our contempt - despite his repeated public condemnations of terrorism - then why are actual Tory party councillors and peers given a free pass for their genuine terrorist sympathising actions?

This is nothing more than the press indulging in a spot of Tory authorised mud slinging.