Janda Mp3 Fighting Back: Petition on BBC Bias Video

I've shared this petition before, but it needs a push. Now, more than ever, the BBC's bias has become even clearer during this election campaign. I needn't point out to any discerning reader I'm sure of the recent furore over at Question Time when the show planted a sitting Tory councillor in the audience and gave him unprecedented opportunity to air his (or rather his party's) views. Today, that Fox News reporter in the making, Laura Kuenssberg (pictured below with a brilliant piece of photobombing going on behind her as the Labour manifesto launch), has not only shown that she's literally cribbing her 'impartial' political comment about said manifesto from the Tory website , she also deliberately ignores key points in her summing up and tonight, she concluded a report on the Tory manifesto citing it as a 'hardheaded' statement on 'getting the Work done', as opposed to 'a hearts and flowers manifesto'....yeah because wanting to end elderly loneliness, child poverty, homelessness and unfair work capability assessments and reassassments for disabled people is just 'hearts and flowers' to be sneered at isn't it? 

Sign the petition, complain to the BBC about this Fake News and clear bias, and above all vote Labour on June 8th.