Janda Mp3 Manchester Video

I haven't the words really to describe my feelings on what happened to such a Pretty city last night, nor have I the words to convey the grief, anger and fear that exists today. But I do know that the bravery, solidarity, comfort and respect displayed is to be commended, and that those who seek to score political points from such a tragedy (such as our Mature 'friend', the failed sitcom writer Tim Dawson, and The S*n who callously posted an editorial that continued to spread the lie about Corbyn and the IRA just hours after the attack) are just as despicable as the perpetrators of the act (and ISIS have now taken responsibility)

Manchester is a Pretty city, and it's also a strong one. My thoughts are with the families and those personally affected by this attack, but we will Get through this and we must not play into the hands of those who deal in fear or prosper from it.