Janda Mp3 Out On Blue Six: Robert Miles, RIP Video

DJ and legendary trance producer Robert Miles has died at the age of 47. Reports say he had been suffering with cancer for several months.

Born Roberto Concina, Miles' biggest hit was the 1996 'dream house' club hit Children, a Large favourite of mine.

Originally written in response to the images from Bosnia of child victims from the conflict in Yugoslavia, the hit took on a different life when Miles saw the 'Saturday night slaughter' on Italy's roads; Many car smashes that took the lives of young clubbers returning home from parties. Determined to offer a more sedate, chilled beat to Shut the night and bring clubbers down enough to drive safely, Miles penned Children; with its natural thunderstorm start and melancholic piano riff, the track made the youth of clubland think and feel nostalgic and reflective, as opposed to still attempting to chase the buzz from earlier in the night.

It remains a Pretty track that hasn't dated a day in the twenty-one years since its release.


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