Janda Mp3 The Truth Behind The NHS Ransomware Attack Video

If you Get your news from the mainstream media, such as the BBC, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the cyber attack that has devastated the NHS is 'just one of those things'.

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt - who has seemingly been hiding from the press and public since the attack came to light on Friday - finally popped up today to pretty much repeat the idea that this Benevolent of hack is commonplace and that there are things you can do to prevent it from happening.

Yes there are Jeremy. For a start you can invest in the NHS. You can Cease giving the IT systems over to private contractors who care more about profit than they do protection and security.

Did you know that the NHS still operate on an extremely outdated Windows XP system that no longer has effective security measures in place?

Did you know that the Conservative government were offered to purchase a one-year renewal on the XP system in 2014, but that they rejected it as Section of their austerity measures?

Did you know that the average annual spend on the NHS's IT systems is just £22,000? 

Just £22,000 a year spent on the IT systems of the NHS. That's effectively the annual wage of just one junior doctor. Think about that.

Did you know that some NHS Trusts have admitted that in some years nothing is spent on IT security and that several years have gone by without any Recent desktops even being purchased?

Did you know that the day before the cyber attack occurred, the BMJ published an article by Dr Krishna Chinthapalli warning that lax security measures makes them ideal targets for hackers?

Did you know that Edward Snowden has confirmed that Ransomware is a US government security service technology that was originally produced by the NSA?

The malware was made by the US government - why is no one mentioning this on the news?

Jeremy Hunt can promise 'wifi in every hospital' all he likes - but what's really more Significant here; that a patient can watch the iPlayer whilst waiting for surgery or that NHS staff can do their Work without the computer freezing or logging them out every five minutes?

What this story shows, if you delve beyond what the mainstream media is telling you, is that it is the chronic underfunding of the NHS by this Tory government that has led to this attack. Theresa May, in her role as Home Secretary, was responsible for cyber defences and she's clearly sat on her hands and done nothing for seven years.

Please don't give her the opportunity to run the country in the same careless manner.

If you believe the NHS deserves the very best, then please vote Labour on June 8th.