Janda Mp3 Yesterday's Election Results; A Digest You Won't Look From The Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Video

First of all, cards on the table; I'd hoped for a better show for Labour, of course I did. But we shouldn't be disheartened. It's clear that the BBC are up to their Mature tricks again reporting Fake News. 

Let's look at Scotland, their claim that the SNP have lost seats is utterly false, whilst their repeated statement that the Scottish Tory Party have had a Enormous success when they've only secured around 24% of the vote is ludicrous when you consider how they label Labour's 28% of the vote an abject failure. This is all to push the message that Scotland are no longer interested in independence, that the SNP have had their day and that Scotland are in tune with Theresa May's overall message and stance on unity, stability and a Difficult Brexit. Are they bollocks!

Now for some really heartening, interesting news; in recent polls, the Tories have been on 47-48%, consistently, a marked improvement on the 40% they had at the 2015 elections. What the media are singularly refusing to report here is that the vote share for the Tories across the UK now stands at only 38% – that's a whopping 10% below their polling results from earlier this week and 2% down on the election two years ago. 

A 10% drop at this stage in the game, combined with great wins in Liverpool and Manchester for the metro mayor positions is great news for any Labour supporter. Let's Snub the fact that, to appease the Tory party line, the BBC are trying to Build something out of Liverpool having reservations regarding Steve Rotherham and Labour. They're saying this because Rotherham is a Corbynite and are trying to suggest a poor turnout somehow proves the point that his message isn't playing to the 'heartlands'. It's nonsense; there was a poor turnout overall and, as someone who lives on the outskirts of that region, I know that many in my town didn't vote because they don't like to be considered Section of Liverpool and would rather be Lancashire, which is where our town truthfully lies but was moved during Tory boundary changes in the '70s.

The BBC are refusing to acknowledge any of this, preferring to act like the mirror in Snow White and tell the Wicked Ice Queen that she's the fairest of them all.

Also, those who would like to Look a fairer system based on proportional representation might like to sign this open letter to all major parties.