takis cancer and ulcers Children to Get Sick With Ulcers

Takis inflicting little ones to Get sick With Ulcers And Cancer.

A 39 year old Lancaster, California mother Rita Johnson, rushed her 10-year-old daughter to an urgent care with extreme abdomen ache over the weekend. The child was experiencing these abdomen pains off and on for about two days.

all over the exam E.R. doctor Robert Matthews, evaluated her abdomen ran blood tests and urine tests He also verify for tenderness and found the space that was inflicting her daughter’s pain.

Dr. Matthews questioned the mother about the reinforce eating conduct Johnson assured the physician that they had a very per and healthy eating pattern but she would allow her daughter to have about 3 bags of Takis per month. As soon as the doctor heard this, he warned her right away about the risks of that snack.

according to fresh reviews a 16 month old patient was additionally admitted to the health center for throat most cancers due to eating these chips. The child’s tooth did not even grow because his gums were affected by eating Takis and he is now undergoing chemotherapy treatment in LA teenagers Hospital.

Dr. Matthews warned Johnson not to permit her daughter to eat any of those chips once more “These chips have been confirmed to be extremely harsh on the throat, stomach and mouth. The chemical substances and seasonings in the chips cause corrosion in the abdomen and the throat,” referred to Dr. Matthews. “I have seen an augment in abdomen ulcers in children who have been eating these chips.”

Johnson’s daughter was treated for 10 days for her stomach ache and monitored for ulcers. spicy chips should not be first light in the healthy dietweight-reduction plan of 16-month-old axe I don’t think you need a physician to tell you that.

fogeys with axe of all a long time need to know there is a risk in allowing your children to eat this spicy snack. beware and percentage